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Frigidaire Bearing & Seal Kit Front Load Washer 131525500 131275200 131462800
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Frigidaire Bearing & Seal Kit Front Load Washer 131525500 131275200 131462800

  • $ 1279

This kit includes 2 bearings and 1 seal. These bearings contain rubber seals in order to prevent moisture and dirt from entering and to keep the permanent lubrication from leaving. This bearing and seal kit will fit the following models of Frigidaire Front Loading washing machines: 131525500, 131275200, 131462800. CRTF1240AS0 CRTR9300AS0 CTF140FS0 FCCW3000FS0 FEFL64DSC FTF1040AS0 FTF530ES0 FTF530ES1 FTF530FS0 FTF630AS0 FWT425RHS0 FWT445GCS0 FWT445GES0 FWT445GES1 FWT445GES2 FWT449GFS0 FWT449GFS1 FWT449GFS2 FWT645RHS0 FWT645RHS1 FWT647GHS0 FWT647GHS1 FWT648GHS0 FWT867GHQ0 FWT867GHS0 FWTB5RGS0 FWTB69RGS0 FWTB8200DS0 FWTBB30DS0 FWTR425RHS0 FWTR445RFS0 FWTR445RFS1 FWTR445RFS2 FWTR549GG FWTR549GS0 FWTR645RHS0 FWTR645RHS1 FWTR647GHS0 FWTR647GHS1 FWTR865RHQ0 FWTR865RHS0 FWTR867GHQ0 FWTR867GHS0 GCEH1642DS1 GCEH1642FS0 GHSC39EEPW1 GLEH1642DS1 GLEH1642FS0 GLGH1642DS0 GLGH1642DS1 GLTF1040AS0 GLTF1240AS0 GLTF1570ES0 GLTF1570ES1 GLTF1570FS0 GLTF1670AS0 GLTF1670AS1 GLTF2070CS0 GLTF2070DS0 GLTF530DS0 GLTF530DS1 GLTR1670AS0 GLTR1670AS1 GMT1670AS0 GSTF1670AS0 GSTF7200DS0 GSTR1670AS0 GSTR1670DS0 CTF140ES0 FCCW3000ES0 FTR630AS0 FWTB59RGS0 GLEH1642DS0 GLGH1642FS0 GSTF1670DS0 LEH1642DS0 LFW201EW0 LTF1670DS0 LTF530FS0 NGST127AQ0 LTF530DS0 LTF530DS1 NGST127AS0 NGSTR127AS0 CTF140ES0 FCCW3000FS0 FWTB59RGS0 GLEH1642DS1 NGST127AQ0 970-c41062-00

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