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Generic Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Bearing and Seal Kit AP4426951 W10253864 818166

Generic Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Bearing and Seal Kit AP4426951 W10253864 818166

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JSP Manufacturing® Generic Whirlpool Front Load Washer Bearing Seal Kit

Our JSP Brand Aftermarket Whirlpool Bearing Seal Kit is compatible with the makes and models listed below. This repair kit is used primarily for repairs on the drum of front load washing machines and tub. Please check you part number before placing an order.

  • New Aftermarket Whirlpool Bearing Seal Kit.
  • Compatible with Whirlpool, Kenmore Elite & Maytag.
  • Used primarily for repairs on the drum of a front load washing machine & tub.
  • OEM quality aftermarket replacement part.
  • Contain rubber seals in order to prevent moisture and dirt from entering and to keep the permanent lubrication from leaving.
  • This seal is a double lip style seal designed to protect your washing machine.
  • Exact item is pictured.
  • Quantity: 1 Kit.

    Kit Includes:
    3- ball bearings with rubber shields
    1- seal


    Product Specifications:

    • Kit Includes:
      3- ball bearings with rubber shields / 1- seal
    • Condition: New
    • Brand: JSP Manufacturing®

    Replaces Part #:

    • W10253856
    • 285983
    • W10253866
    • 8181666
    • AP4426951

    Aftermarket Part fits the following:
    Whirlpool Duet washing machines:

    7MGHW9100MW07MGH W9150PW07MGH W9150PW17MGH W9150PW27MGH W9400PW07MGH W9400PW17MGH W9400PW2GH W9100LQ1GH W9100LQ2GH W9100L W1GHW9100L W2GH W9150P W0GH W9150P W1GH W9150P W2GH W9150P W3GH W9150P W4GH W9160P W0GH W9160P W1GH W9160P W2GH W9160P W3GH W9160P W4GH W9200LQ0GH W9200L  W0GHW9250ML0 , GHW9250ML1, GHW9250ML2, GHW9250MQ0, GHW9250MQ1, GHW9250MQ2, GHW9250MT0, GHW9250MT1, GHW9250MT2, GHW9250MW0, GHW9250MW1, GHW9250MW2, GHW9300PW0, GHW9300PW1, GHW9300PW2, GHW9300PW3, GHW9300PW4, GHW9400PL0, GHW9400PL1, GHW9400PL2, GHW9400PL3, GHW9400PL4, GHW9400PT0, GHW9400PT1, GHW9400PT2, GHW9400PT3, GHW9400PT4, GHW9400PW0, GHW9400PW1, GHW9400PW2, GHW9400PW3, GHW9400PW4, GHW9400SU0, GHW9460PL0, GHW9460PL1, GHW9460PL2, GHW9460PL3, GHW9460PL4, GHW9460PW0, GHW9460PW1, GHW9460PW2, GHW9460PW3, GHW9460PW4, MHWE300VF00, MHWE300VW00, MWFW9200SQ00, WFW9200SQ00, WFW9200SQ01, WFW9200SQ02, WFW9200SQ03, WFW9200SQ04, WFW9200SQ10, WFW9200SQA10, WFW9200SQA11, WFW9200SQA12, WFW9300VU02, WFW9300VU03, WFW9300VU04, WFW9400SB00, WFW9400SB01, WFW9400SB02, WFW9400ST00, WFW9400ST01, WFW9400ST02, WFW9400SU00, WFW9400SU01, WFW9400SU02, WFW9400SW00, WFW9400SW01, WFW9400SW02, WFW9400SW03, WFW9400SW04, WFW9400SZ00, WFW9400SZ01, WFW9400SZ02, WFW9400SZ03, WFW9400SZ04, WFW9400VE01, WFW9400VE02, WFW9400VE03, WFW9500TC00, WFW9500TC01, WFW9500TC02, WFW9500TC03, WFW9500TW01, WFW9500TW02, WFW9500TW03, WFW9600TA00, WFW9600TA01, WFW9600TA02, WFW9600TB00, WFW9600TC00, WFW9600TU00, WFW9600TW00, WFW9600TW01, WFW9600TW02, WFW9600TZ00, WFW9700VA00, WFW9700VW00

    Please Note:
    This kit includes 3 bearings and 1 seal. Most kits will only use 2 bearings, but there will be 3 bearings included so we can assure fitment of all models.

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