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Recoil Buffer SKS Rifle          Free Shipping
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Recoil Buffer SKS Rifle Free Shipping

  • $ 899

Polymer Recoil Buffer SKS Rifle Impact Shock Absorber This shock absorbing recoil buffer is placed in between the bolt carrier and the receiver of the rifle. It is designed to absorb the recoil energy of the action operating and reduces the energy of the impact and also reduces wear on the rifle. This high density recoil buffer is designed to function for over 1000 rounds and will not be damaged by cleaning solvents or oils used during the normal maintenance of the rifle. PLEASE NOTE: It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that any/all State/Local laws/ordinances regarding the possession/use of this product are adhered to. Please do not order this item if it is prohibited/illegal where you reside. This item was MADE IN THE USA, and it is a machine injected plastic part from an actual US FACTORY so there are less issues with poor quality workmanship. Quantity: 1 COLOR: Black Fits: SKS Rifle

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